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Terms of Use

Effective 2018

These Terms of Use (The “Terms of Use”) govern use of the websites and services (the “Services”) of Take Me To Space in addition to any supplemental terms applicable to any particular features, content and functionality of the Services, which such supplemental terms are incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use. By using the Services, Users agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy, all applicable laws and all conditions or policies referenced here (collectively, the “Terms”). Take Me To Space may amend the Terms at any time by posting a revised version of the Terms on our Services. Access to or continued use of the Services after the effective date of the revised Terms constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms. For questions about the Product Marketplace, please visit these Additional Terms.

In these Terms, we refer to those raising funds as “Campaign Owners” and to their fundraising campaigns as “Campaigns.” We refer to those contributing funds as “Contributors” and to the funds they contribute as “Contributions.” Campaign Owners, Contributors and other visitors to the Services are referred to collectively as “Users.”
TakeMeToSpace is a Venue

Take Me To Space is an online crowdfunding venue for people and entities seeking to raise funds for their own Campaigns and to contribute to the Campaigns of others. Campaign Owners can offer any amount of money in the form of dollars to Contributors.  TakeMeToSpace makes no representations about the quality, safety, morality or legality of any Campaign user content (as defined below) posted on the Services.  TakeMeToSpace does not represent that Campaign Owners will use the contributions as described in the Campaign. Users use the Services at their own risk.

Eligibility to Use the Services

Users under 18 years of age are not eligible to use the Services without consent.  Users suspended from using the Services are not eligible to use the Services. Take Me To Space reserves the right to refuse use of the Services to anyone and to reject, cancel, interrupt, remove or suspend any Campaign, Contribution, or the Services at any time for any reason without liability.

Prohibited Campaigns

Campaign Owners are not permitted to create a Campaign to raise funds for illegal activities, to cause harm to people or property, or to scam others.

Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with their Campaigns and using Contributions.  Campaign Owners shall not make any false or misleading statements in connection with their Campaigns.

Campaign Owners must not: (1) include threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, or profane content in any Campaign, or content that is invasive of another’s privacy; (2) impersonate any person or entity, including any employee or representative of Take Me To Space, or (3) infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, or other right of any other person or entity, or violate any law or contract.

TakeMeToSpace does not guarantee that a Campaign will obtain a certain amount of Donations or any Donations at all. We do not personally endorse any Campaign, Campaign Organizer, and we make no guarantee, explicit or implied, that any information provided through the Services by a user is accurate. We expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for the success of any Campaign, or the outcome of any fundraising purpose.  You, as a Donor, must make the final determination as to the value and appropriateness of contributing to any Campaign.

All Donations are at your own risk. When you make a Donation to a Campaign, or otherwise through the Services, it is your responsibility to understand how your money will be used.  TakeMeToSpace is not responsible for any offers, promises, rewards or promotions made or offered by Campaigns. We do not and cannot verify the information that Campaign Organizers supply, nor do we guarantee that the Donations will be used in accordance with any fundraising purpose prescribed by a Campaign.

Service Fees

Setting up an account on the Services is free. We do not charge Service fees to Contributors.  Unless otherwise indicated on the Services, we do charge our Service fees to Campaign Owners as a portion of the Contributions they raise (the “Service Fees”).  Once the funding goal is reached, this fee is three percent.

By accessing or using the TakeMeToSpace website and services, you signify that you have read, understood and agree to these terms, whether or not you are a registered member of the site. If you do not agree with the terms listed herein, you may discontinue access to the website and our services.

We reserve the right to make amendments to this agreement, with or without notice. The TakeMeToSpace team will provide communications regarding updates or amendments via email, to its registered users.  Any modifications made to these terms will be included on this page and shall note the most recent date of its revision.  TakeMeToSpacel may impose certain limitations on the features and services offered within the site, with or without notice. Your continued use of these Services and the TakeMeToSpace website, signifies your acknowledgment to the most up to date version the Terms of Use and policies herein stated.

Acceptable Use of the Website

TakeMeToSpace was created to aid the general public raise funds for their space flight experiences. All viewers of the TakeMeToSpace platform, registered and non-registered, are considered “Visitors”. When Visitors create a registered account on TakeMeToSpace, they become “Users”, gaining access to User specific features and functions. These features include login access, posting, uploading and editing media or information on personalized fundraising campaigns, connecting a payment processor and collecting donations from “Funders”, as well as establishing a registered profile on TakeMeToSpace, equipped to attach personal social media channels.

TakeMeToSpace grants you permission to use these services, provided that you comply with all applicable, domestic and international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations. You shall also comply with the Terms of Service as listed herein. Your use of the website and its services indicates that you agree with the terms listed herein and acknowledge that any resulting outcomes of website use are accepted at your own risk.

The TakeMeToSpace team implements frequent updates to provide constant improvements on the website. Any changes deemed relevant may be added to the Terms of Service set forth by TakeMeToSpace. Your use of these services must be in accordance to the new terms applied, within the existing rules and conditions.

The website permits upload, post, and other use of the platform to communicate your personal, non-commercial messages and content, subject to the following conditions:

All materials posted by “Users” are their sole responsibility and shall abide by the Terms as specified herein. Use of or posting through another person’s account without permission is strictly prohibited and considered fraudulent activity.
All fundraising campaigns created by the “User” shall be exclusively for the purpose of raising funds for spacel travel related experiences, as deemed appropriate by TakeMeToSpace. You shall not post any false, misleading or inaccurate information on the site.
You shall not use the website to upload, publish, produce or distribute any materials that are commercial in nature. This includes the promotion, advertising or solicitation of goods or services which are not associated with TakeMeToSpace.
By posting, uploading, publishing and distributing media and information on this website, you allow public viewing access to other Visitors of the website, who can then download, post and share your materials onward through the internet.
You agree not to post content that:
will violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, personal and proprietary rights.

Registering an Account

TakeMeToSpace is an online platform which allows Users to create a personalized fundraising campaign, collect financial contributions from other site Visitors and share the campaign with extended networks through social media and advising tools. All campaigns shall be governed by the Terms of Service in this article. It is a breach of this agreement to post false or misleading information on any account profile or campaign page.

Users shall provide complete, accurate and up to date information when registering an account on TakeMeToSpace. Some features of TakeMeToSpace require Users to submit an email address and password for complete access. No “User” is permitted to use a name or campaign page which is not their own. Any Visitor attempting to access the site with the intention to impersonate or falsify a User account will be prosecuted for breaking the agreement set forth by these Terms of Service.

Launching a Campaign Page

Rules for joining the TakeMeToSpace Community as a User are as follows:

To receive and collect donations, all Users must have a registered account with the Stripe payment processor.  All TakeMeToSpace accounts must be linked to this Payment Processor account in order to accept donations through the website. Users understand and agree that all operations and issues pertaining to their Payment Processor account shall be governed by the agreement set forth by that Payment Processor, and that TakeMeToSpace carries no liability regarding the functionality of a User’s Payment Processor account nor the interactions which may take place with any Payment Processor.
All donations are received, processed and maintained through the Payment Processor account which a User connects to their TakeMeToSpace campaign. Each donation, less 3% will be sent to your registered Payment Processor account in real-time. The above stated 3% is TakeMeToSpace’s administrative fee, understood and agreed to, prior to a User’s campaign launching. It shall also be understood that a User’s Payment Processor is a product and service separate from TakeMeToSpace and therefore TakeMeToSpace is not responsible for any errors present in the functionality of the Payment Processors. Users are responsible for the information they provide to the Payment Processor when registering their account with Stripe. Further, once donations are processed through the website, TakeMeToSpace does not house or manage a User’s donations. The funds are maintained and accessible through the User’s Payment Processor account and not TakeMeToSpace. Users shall be aware and understand, prior to campaign launch, that each Payment Processor charges their own transaction fee, (Stripe at 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction).

If a User, requiring campaign page cancellation has already received donations through the campaign page, TakeMeToSpace will work with the campaigner and also notify all donors regarding the page’s cancellation and refunding process to take place. Because donation funds are collected to the campaigner’s respective Payment Processor, the User accepts sole responsibility for understanding and handling all refund processes, less the non-refundable administrative fee of TakeMeToSpace. Processing fees from the Payment Processor for these refunds may vary based on the User’s particular Payment Processor. Users and campaigners of TakeMeToSpace agree to consult their respective Payment Processor, for any details or issues relating to their Payment Processors.
Should there be a need to delete a campaigner Profile, the User must send a request for deletion to info@TakeMeToSpace.com. Once a TakeMeToSpace account is disabled, the email cannot be used as a log in anymore and the account holder loses all campaign history as well as access to the website using the associated email and login credentials.

The User acknowledges that TakeMeToSpace is not responsible for the transaction of funds, from the Payment Processor to the Campaigner or his/her bank account.  TakeMeToSpace is not liable for the final use of funds, donated through the platform.

TakeMeToSpace reserves the right to reject, suspend or cancel a campaign page at any time and for any reason, without explanation.

The website is open to the general public, with the exception of young children. If we learn that we have collected information from someone under 18 years old, we will remove that information from our database.

TakeMeToSpace offers a platform for online donation collection, support and communication for individuals who are interested in making meaningful travel opportunities financially accessible. Upon clicking the “Donate” button on any TakeMeToSpace campaign page, you acknowledge your understanding of and agree to the Terms of Service set forth in all sections of this agreement. Contributors are welcome to donate once or multiple times to any campaign page which they choose to receive their funding support. There is a minimum donation requirement of $10.00 in the campaigner’s donor’s respective currency, and all donations are subject to the appropriate administrative and processing fees.  Contributors are required to review and agree to these Terms of Service, before donating to any TakeMeToSpace campaign. All contributors must acknowledge their understanding that:

As the donor, you are solely responsible for verifying that you have donated the accurate amount as intended and designated it to the correct campaign page.
You agree that TakeMeToSpace is not responsible for any discontent you may have over the use of the funds raised or the donations you have made through TakeMeToSpace.
TakeMeToSpace does not guarantee that any funding goal amount will be reached by the listed campaign end date. However, TakeMeToSpace, also does not limit the amount which Users may fundraise. Should their goal amount be reached before the campaign end date, a User is still able to collect contributions and exceed their goal amount.

Any payment or donation made is final and non-refundable.

Third Party Sites

TakeMeToSpace may place links to third party websites, services and resources inasmuch as other websites, links and resources will place links to our site. TakeMeToSpacel does not own, control, or distribute any of these and you dismiss TakeMeToSpace from responsibility for the content, functionality, and legality of these other websites. Accessing these websites from TakeMeToSpace is at your own risk and you additionally acknowledge that TakeMeToSpace shall not be held liable for any damage and loss as a result of your use of the content, goods and services of the third party websites.



Take Me To Space reserves the right, at its own judgment, to immediately, with or without notice, annul or suspend your membership and your access to all or a portion of the website, for any reason, including, if you breach any of those stipulated in this agreement.
Governing Law

Take Me To Space does not make any guarantee that the service is appropriate or available in other locations, the service rendered by Take Me To Space is administered and operated from the United States. Users and members from other jurisdictions do so at their own choice and shall be under the authority of the local law, including but not limited to export and import regulations.

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